Lectures with Dénes Andras in Stockholm, 18/10-20/10 2019

Denes was born in 1969 in Budapest and has lived a rich and challenging life. He met Buddhism in 1997 and has since concentrated most of his energies in this direction; living in the Budapest Buddhist Center from 2001 and teaching since 2005 when Lama Ole Nydahl asked him to do this activity.
In his professional life he has his own company dealing with real estate.



Friday 18/10, Stockholm City Center

19.00 Lecture: Introduction to Diamond Way Buddhism

Saturday 19/10, Stockholm City Center

19.00 Lecture: View, Meditation and action in Diamond Way Buddhism

Sunday 20/10, Stockholm City Center

12.00 Lecture: Teacher and Student in Diamond Way Buddhism


The lectures will be in English. 100 kr per lecture.